Custom Meal Plan

1. What does your shift schedule look like currently (days/evenings/nights)?

2. Please describe your meals and snacks for one average day AT work and one average day OFF work. Absolutely no judgement, we have all been there. This will just help me get an idea of what your meals look like.

3. Do you follow a particular diet currently that you want this plan to stick close to? Y/N (if so please describe).

4. Tick off some of your favorite foods below that you would like to be included in your plan. It helps if you already use these foods day to day or have them in your home.

5. This is important. Please let me know foods that are a hard NO.
Eg. If you hate cilantro or cannot digest dairy, keep me in the loop.

6. Are you a quick one pot/pan kinda person or a “I relax in the kitchen and have plenty of time” kinda person?

7. Do you like having leftovers and freezer friendly recipes?

8. How many days would you like dedicated to meal PREP for this plan:

9. Here’s your chance. Anything you want to add?

10. Please confirm your Email address

Message received!

After filling out this meal plan questionnaire I will be in touch via email to further fine tune your choices and get your meal plan out to you within the week!!